Preteen Nymphet Pics

Preteen Nymphet Pics
by ukyhusyof

Preteen Nymphet Pics


Related article: coming climax, but his slow rhythmic motion was having its effect.
I moved one hand down and found that his super hard cock was drooling
pre-cum onto my belly. I slid my hand back pushing his foreskin back and
rubbing my palm over the highly sensitive head beneath. "Aaaaahhh
Gaaawwwwwddddd!" he moaned rather loudly, but I realized that it wasn't
THAT loud, it Preteen Nymphet Pics just seemed like it in the quiet and the darkness. I knew
that he'd shoot soon if I kept that up, so I reached further back, and
started stroking his shaft, allowing the Preteen Nymphet Pics skin to cover the tip with each
stroke. I wanted to prolong his pleasure as much as I wanted to prolong
It wasn't too many more strokes before the inevitable happened. I was
surprised by Jeff's first volley when I felt it splat onto my cheek and
start to run down, but the constrictions of his tight little ass muscles
started my own entrance to Valhalla and I was barely aware of my
surroundings for the next several minutes as I felt rope after rope of
boiling hot cum shoot out the end Preteen Nymphet Pics of my dick to deep within the bowels of
my son who was desperately trying to get more of me inside of him.
After what seemed like forever, I gradually became aware of the fact that I
was no longer inside of Jeff's hot ass, but he was sitting on top of my
still semi-hard shaft with his arms outstretched and locked beside my
shoulders, panting as if he had ran a mile. I slid my hands up the back of
my panting boy and urged him to lie down on my chest. I knew it would be a
real mess to clean up when I heard the squish of the fluids escape as he
eased himself into my embrace.
We had neither the energy nor the inclination to get out of our warm
cocoon, so I just pulled the covers over us and we both fell asleep,
entwined in each other's embrace.
To Be Continued...
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 22:10:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Rebel
Subject: A Dad and His Boys - Chapter 6
A Dad and his Boys
Originally By
Marc Paige
Written By
Chapter 6
The following story contains graphic sexual scenes involving two dads and
their four sons. If material of this nature offends you then you should
not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in
most states, you are not allowed to read this story by law.
This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living
or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.
Additionally, the actions of the characters in this story are in no way
intended to show approval of, or give sanction to, their actions.
The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by the websites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.
As I've mentioned at the end of part one of this story I'm too busy to
continue it myself so I've turned over writing to Rebel who did a great job
on another chapter for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy his writing
as much as I did. Marc
If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at:
Send any comments you have about this story to Rebel at
* * * * * *
Over the next week, we gradually adjusted our rhythms of living to
accommodate having three bedrooms for the boys to spread out. I made sure
to come home "late" on Monday, making sure that the boys had all of the
privacy they needed to explore this new side of Berry. Jeff was beside
himself as he related how Berry had made him raw because he wouldn't take
no for an answer, and made Jeff fuck him to four separate orgasms while he
went through at least twice as many of his `dry cums'. I had to chuckle
when Jeff swore that Berry was a monster and that he wouldn't allow THAT to
happen again.
Joe called on Wednesday night to tell us that he had re-confirmed his
reservations and his arrival times into Portland airport. I'm glad that
they were traveling east to west and were able to take advantage of the two
hour time difference between us. That way, when the boys Preteen Nymphet Pics got out of a half
day at school, they could leave immediately and still get in here at a
reasonable time. Jeff and Timmy talked to each of their counterparts and
seemed enthused at their arrival. We still weren't sure of the sleeping
arrangements and I figured that we'd just play it by ear after they
arrived. I told Joe to not let the boys fill up Preteen Nymphet Pics on junk food as they flew
since I was planning on taking everyone to the yacht club for a nice
welcome dinner after they touched down.
Work was just kinda `there', and I was so pre-occupied, even my secretary
noticed and commented to me. After I explained that my brother and his
sons were visiting for the first time after my wife died, she let it be
known around the company, which helped a lot with my absentmindedness and
made sure that I was out of there on time each night. Everything that I
could think of was done, and when I picked the boys up on Friday night, I
saw that they were as nervous as I was.
As we were sitting in the waiting lounge for arriving passengers and
watching the plane pull up to the jetway, I was as nervous as a cat in a
room full of rocking chairs. Suddenly my mouth went dry and my palms
started to sweat; `what was I doing here,' I thought, `trying to recapture
my youth in a desperate attempt to turn back time?'
Chapter 6
Since only passengers are allowed through security these days, I kept the
boys on the observation deck until I was sure that most passengers had
cleared the concourse and were on their way to the baggage claim area. We
merged with the crowd as we descended the stairs and were swept along until
we found ourselves dumped into a very large room filled with stainless
steel carousels and people mulling around, waiting for the alarm to sound,
the conveyor belts to start up, and the contents of the belly of the beast
to be disgorged, starting the mad scramble for the appropriate luggage.
The surging mass of humanity before me was intimidating, and I began to
wonder about the sanity of trying to meet anyone here. I needn't have
worried; Joe's 6'2" frame was imposing enough to see over the heads of most
of the crowd. As I herded the boys toward them, I was transported back to
our high school years as I saw the tailored western shirt tucked neatly
into that trim waist. Oh, how I hated him for that; I've had to deal with
a tendency toward love handles, while Joe has always looked neat and trim.
As we got closer, my personal, 10 year old PA system, hollered out, "UNCLE
JOE!!" causing him to turn in our direction. I'm glad he has quick
reflexes; he found his arms filled with 90 pounds of squirming boy.
"Timmy," he said as he closed his arms around the small boy in a bear hug
and swirled around, clearing a small circle of onlookers. Timmy is my real
affectionate one, so it was little surprise to look up and see them kissing
on the lips. Jeff is more reserved and was standing close by my side. I
looked to Joe's side and saw Billy and Steve standing beside their father.
When Billy saw me, his face lit up and he took two giant strides toward Preteen Nymphet Pics me,
extending his arms. `My god, he's grown,' I saw as he approached. When
his arms went around me, I noticed that we were almost eye to eye. `He's
6' tall and he's only 15,' I was amazed. We broke the hug and I leaned
over a bit to take the more reserved Steven into my arms as Joe grabbed
onto Jeff.
As we finished our pleasantries, I stood and locked eyes with Joe. I
suddenly had the overpowering urge to be held by my big brother and stepped
into his welcoming embrace. His strong arms encircling me sent a myriad of
special feelings coursing through my body, and I was transported back to
being 8 years old, in the middle of the night, the thunder and lightening
of a summer South Dakota thunderstorm raging outside our upstairs bedroom
window, and his warm, 14 year old body keeping me safe. There must have
been something there for him too, because I felt him kiss me firmly on the
neck, and then whisper in my ear, "It's ok Billy, it's ok. I'm here little
brother," just like he used to.
`Everything's all right now,' I thought as I twisted my head and kissed his
neck. It was only then that I felt the moisture on his collar and pulled
back to feel tears running down my cheeks. The strain and built up
emotions of the last two years suddenly came rushing out and I held onto my
big brother for all I was worth, trying desperately to curb the tears. I'm
glad we were near a bank of those airport waiting room chairs, and I saw
the Preteen Nymphet Pics
look of alarm on the four boys' faces as Joe eased us over there and
sat me down.
"Steve, Billy, you two take Jeff and Timmy, and the four of you can Preteen Nymphet Pics find

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